Don't you just love to hate remote meetings?

Remote meetings don't have to be meh.
Build your remote facilitation skills to turn talking into traction.

Find your facilitation foothold with my self-paced course.You'll get tutorials, exercises, and community conversation to make improvements now.

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I honestly didn’t expect how big an impact the course would have on me. There’s something that has shifted in the way I hold the space and allow myself to not overthink and it’s really thanks to your guidance, the material, the coaching, the sharing… and it extends beyond facilitation. What a wonderful experience. Thank you again for letting me be a part of it!

Turn Talking Into Traction

When our teams grow, each new hire compounds the number of relationships we need to nurture. To coordinate across a growing team, we stuff our calendars with meetings to keep people in the loop and connected.But! More meetings ≠ more impact. Meeting inflation is a momentum killer.You need to improve the bang for buck by designing and facilitating quality meetings.How can we make meetings that matter?

Untangle Your Team

When we build diverse teams, we attract colleagues with different languages, specialities, and sometimes priorities. To effectively collaborate, we need to understand each other and align towards outcomes.Without facilitation, diverse teams move a lot but don't get very far.With facilitation, you can harmonize and move forward, together.How do we build dynamic spaces that bring out the best in our team's perspective and expertise?

The Jumpstart

This self-paced course is made-up of video lessons, exercises, and community conversations to ground your approach and make changes in your day-to-day. We can't promise mastery, but you will see improvements right away.

Want to go deeper?
Join a cohort.

Cohorts include The Jumpstart and a series of live sessions with Alix and peers working to improve their facilitation.Our next cohort is in the fall of 2022.

Want a custom cohort for your team?

Organizational change is about strength in numbers. We design cohorts for peers within the same organisation and drill down on your context. You'll emerge with ideas, energy, and skills to shift your convening culture, together. We've built custom cohorts for companies like Shopify and social sector organisations like Ford Foundation.

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